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Security Consultant / Private Investigator

Mr. Hensley has an extensive background in government, port/airport/land border security and trade supply line issues. He has over 30 years of federal/state government law enforcement and regulatory experience, primarily in numerous positions within the U.S. Customs Service. John has completed tours as a Special Agent both on the Texas and California borders and had a total of nine duty stations in his twenty- nine year federal career including Denver, Houston, Eagle Pass, TX, Los Angeles, San Diego, Dallas, Bangkok, The Hague and Washington, DC where he was involved in enforcing laws relating to the borders of the United States including narcotics, weapons smuggling, fraud, money laundering, export control and terrorism among the over 400 laws enforced by the agency.

During his career, John advanced through the ranks, holding every position in the chain of command from Special Agent to Associate Commissioner for Enforcement and Operations. His career included stops as the Assistant Regional Commissioner for enforcement and the Special Agent in Charge at both Dallas and Los Angeles. John has conducted threat assessments and risk assessments along the southern border, in major seaports including Los Angeles and Long Beach and at a majority of the category X airports in the United States. Recently, John completed a border security threat review for the government of Bahrain. During his twenty years in senior management, John has supervised thousands of highly specialized personnel and overseen annual budgets in the billion dollar range.

After leaving Federal Government service, John was appointed by the governor as the Chairman of the California Gambling Control Commission, overseeing the $7B gambling industry in California which includes 57 Indian casinos and 115 card room casinos. John joined SAIC in 2003 as a Corporate Vice President and now works in the corporate area, focusing on container security, border issues, SBI net, the Secure Freight Initiative and long term air and maritime strategies. He has also served as an advisor to three Commissioners, U.S. Customs and Border Protection on numerous issues. Additionally, he has been a member of the ISO working group defining the procedures for the international supply chain to keep it more secure from terrorist acts. Currently, John is the principal representative of SAIC to the US Department of Homeland Security and its agencies (Customs and Border Protection, ICE, TSA and the Secret Service) and works extensively in the areas of X-ray Detection systems and Radiation Detection Systems. Mr. Hensley was instrumental in placing the first combined/integrated X-ray/ radiation detection into a seaport (Hong Kong) as part of the SFI trial program.

In addition to his undergraduate work, John has gone onto graduate work in management, including completing the Executive Program at Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government. Among numerous awards, he has received the Presidential Rank Award for outstanding management by government senior executives, the Treasury Department Medal for heroism and the Eagle Award, the highest award for civilians from the U.S. Military. John is also a member of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Advisory Committee ( Region #1) and is a California certified Level 1 Peace Officer, holding the rank of Captain in the Orange County Sheriff's Department.

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