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Keeping people and facilities safe in house of worship environments is not just a matter of spending money on cameras, alarms, electronic locks, and security officers. The most expensive solution is not always the best solution, and figuring out how to spend the right amount of resources on the right things is not as easy as it sounds. All too often, religious organization administrators learn the hard way that poor choices can create more issues than they solve. Join us to find out:

  • How to create a secure environment in an open and welcoming house of worship
  • Why many churches make security improvement decisions backwards
  • The most common security management errors – and how to avoid them
  • Why emergency plans often fall apart during real incidents
  • How to reliably and cost effectively deliver the results you want


This seminar is designed for:

  • Church administrators, pastoral leaders, and church board members who set policy
  • Security team leaders who manage protective operations
  • Police commanders and supervisors who may be called to respond to incidents
  • Ushers and welcome team members who want to know how to survive an incident if one occurs


  • Sources of theft and violence risks in houses of worship
  • Recognizing potential loss and violence situations
  • Balancing outreach to the troubled and protection of your flock
  • Prevention and its limits - why it doesn't always work
  • Sending the right message - your signage may not say what you think it does
  • Regulatory issues that affect the operation of volunteer security teams
  • The active shooter “business model”
  • How incidents are planned and carried out
  • Why violent incidents are common in suburbs and small towns—and not in big cities
  • How people really behave in emergencies
  • Why targeted victims are not helpless—unless they think they are
  • Why effective deterrence to violence is possible
  • Why calling 911 is an element - not a plan
  • The realities of police and EMS response
  • The casualty calculator—how many casualties can you expect with your current plan?
  • Response options: what works—and how well
  • How to protect yourself if you can't get away
  • How to secure shelter in rooms that don't lock
  • Designing policies, procedures, and staff training to deter incidents — and save lives


To get started, complete the Contact Us form with your information. We'll work with you to put the details together. If your organization would like to host a seminar open to others, free seats will be made available for some of your people. If you're interested in this option, please include this information with your contact data.

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