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This seminar takes an unblinking look at implications of the campus carry legislation being proposed in state legislatures throughout the country. If passed, these bills would allow persons who have qualified for and been issued a license to carry a concealed handgun to do so in schools or on college campuses. The seminar's objective is to provide you with the facts you need to decide if these laws would, as their supporters claim, be common sense deterrents and effective countermeasures to active shooter incidents, or if they would instead present a new and deadly danger as maintained by their opponents.


This seminar is designed for college, university, and school administrators who set policy, police command and field supervisory officers, security managers and supervisors who manage protective operations, and faculty members and students who are concerned with safety on campus and the impact passage of campus carry legislation would have on their lives.


  • The active shooter “business model”
  • Incident dynamics - how they develop and conclude
  • The impact of laws, rules, and signage prohibiting weapon possession
  • Offender actions - spontaneity versus planning
  • What happens when you call 911 - the realities of police and EMS response
  • The impact of police response on casualties in active shooter incidents
  • The casualty calculator - how many casualties can you expect with your current plan?
  • How people really behave in emergencies
  • Response options: what can you do when you can't get away?
  • Is effective deterrence realistically possible?
  • Prevalence of concealed carry licenses in the population
  • Historical offense levels among concealed carry holders
  • Considerations for designing policies, procedures, and staff, employee and student training to deter attacks — and save lives
  • Answering The Question: Is campus carry a good idea or not?


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