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This is a fast paced and thought provoking interactive seminar which is constantly updated to include the latest and most complete information available. It is available in half day and full day formats. Join us to find out:

  • How incidents develop
  • Why the most common countermeasures consistently fail
  • Why so many lives are being lost unnecessarily, and
  • How you can change the dynamics to deter and survive attacks.


This seminar is designed for administrators and executives who set policy, police command and field supervisory officers, security managers and supervisors who manage protective operations, and managers and faculty members who want to know how to survive an incident even when escape is not an option.


  • The "casualty calculator" - how many casualties can you expect with your current plan?
  • The 5 phases of attack planning and execution
  • The active shooter “business model" - and how to break it
  • The critical difference between familiar social aggression and ruthless asocial violence
  • Why incidents almost always happen in suburbs and small towns—and not in big cities
  • How a developing active shooter incident may be recognized before it occurs
  • Why pre-incident monitoring is prudent - but porous
  • The realities of police and EMS response
  • Why calling 911 and lockdowns are elements of a plan - and not a plan in themselves
  • Police response tactics - pros and cons of first officer and team entries
  • Planning for the way real people behave in real emergencies
  • Why potential victims are not helpless - unless they think they are
  • Making good decisions in the critical first few moments of an incident
  • How to secure shelter in rooms without locking hardware
  • Managing a shelter in place classroom or office solution
  • Lifesaving tactics for when escape is not an option
  • Medical equipment, preparedness, and training
  • Designing policies, procedures, and training to deter attacks - and save lives
  • Sending the right message to the right people with signage
  • Why the Fort Hood attack was very different - and a harbinger of things to come
  • Creating a safe environment without turning the workplace into a prison


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